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Duties and Responsibility

Management Responsibilities


Managers play a very important role in the Fleet Safety Program, and should take on the following responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement general Fleet Safety Program policies and procedures.
  • Assume responsibility for the driving record of employees while they are on duty.
  • Frequently check for compliance of established Fleet Safety Program requirements and policies.
  • Personally review the decisions on accidents and take all steps necessary to prevent a recurrence.
  • Insist all assigned vehicles are maintained adequately for safe operation.
  • Establish policies for the periodic inspection of assigned vehicles for safety discrepancies, malfunctions, signs of abuse, unreported damage and cleanliness. Have repairs made as soon as possible.
  • Fully support the company's driver training program to promote defensive driving.
  • Review each preventable vehicle accident and unsafe driving report with the employee and his supervisor to emphasize management's intolerance of irresponsibility behind the wheel.
  • Establish an aggressive campaign to enforce the wearing of seat belts on all trips.

Supervisor Responsibilities


Front line supervisors are key in making sure the Fleet Safety Program is successful. They ensure the success of daily operation by fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  • Make sure employees do not drive any company vehicle unless they have a VALID Drivers' License and are familiar with company driving rules and regulations.
  • Make sure only authorized personnel be allowed to operate company vehicles, special purpose vehicles, and trucks.
  • Must be alert in observing unsafe practice of employees and insure that action is taken immediately to correct the driver.
  • Review all preventable vehicle collisions with employees and discuss each unsafe act that was responsible.
  • Periodically ride with the vehicle and truck drivers to check for compliance with operating instructions and traffic regulations.
  • Make sure unsafe vehicles are not driven until safety discrepancies have been corrected.
  • Fully utilize the decisions and recommendations handed down by the Safety/loss Control Committee.

Operator Responsibilities


Employees who drive company vehicles are, of course, critical to the successful operation of fleet vehicles. They are responsible for following all of the guidelines set forth in the Fleet Safety Program.

These responsibilities include:

  • Safe operation of vehicles for the safety of passengers and cargo
  • Having a valid driver's license in their possession
  • Inspecting the vehicle which they are about to drive, in accordance with established policies
  • Reporting any vehicle accidents

Sample Vehicle Operator's Handbook

Safety Manager Responsibilities


The Safety Manager plays a very important role in helping managers, supervisors, and drivers make sure the fleet safety program is effective. He or she is usually in charge of developing the policies of the Fleet Safety Program.

Typical responsibilities will include:

  • Assist top management in the implementation of the Fleet Safety Program.
  • Assist in monitoring the driving experience of employees who operate company vehicles.
  • Develop and implement an effective fleet safety education and training program.
  • Monitor to ensure proper maintenance procedures are being followed to keep vehicles in a safe operating condition.
  • Verify adequate insurance limits are maintained by drivers who use their personal vehicle for company business.


Before beginning this quiz, we highly recommend you review the module material. This quiz is designed to allow you to self-check your comprehension of the module content, but only focuses on key concepts and ideas.

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1. Assuming responsibility for the driving record of employees while they are on duty is assigned to _____.

2. This person is responsible for reviewing all preventable vehicle collisions with employees and discussing any unsafe acts that may have contributed to the accident.

3. It is the job of this person to establish policies for the periodic inspection of assigned vehicles.

4. Who should be responsible for periodically riding with drivers to check for compliance with operating instructions and traffic regulations?

5. Who is usually in charge of developing the policies the Fleet Safety Training Program?

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